Pixel Art Brush Pack for Procreate

Ghost Paper
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Love Pixel Art?! Wanna make emojis with Pixels? How about designing some cool, pixelated Twitch & Superchat emojis in Procreate!? Take your illustrations to the next level in Procreate with the Pixel Art Brush Pack made by Ghost Paper, especially made for Procreate!

IMPORTANT: These brushes were made for Procreate 5 and above versions - these haven't been tested in older versions.


Base Brushes

1. Square Pixel Brush 1px -

This is the smallest unit pixel brush - great for creating those detailed pixel art characters and landscapes, working on trees, nature, hair, starrfields - the possibilities are endless!

2. Square Pixel Brushes 2px, 6px, 12px -

These next three pixel brushes are going to be instrumental in helping you filling larger areas, as well as giving you a head-start on your texturing and shading work.

3. Round Pixel Brushes 8px, 16p -

Want to paint with a round brush instead? Here's two options in 8 and 16 pixels for helping to give your illustrations a more organic feel.

Texturing Brushes

4. Glitch! Brushes 1 and 2 - Add an impressive layer of texturing work to your pixel art - add rust to your metal doors, add moss to your old castle stones and rocky mountains, or even re-create some VHS glitch with these two brush on top of your illustrations.

5. Speckles Shading 1 and 2 - These two are lighter versions of the Glitch Brushes, they can work really well when adding some nice,slight speckle details to your pixelated elements.

6. Cloud/Smoke Brush - Are you creating a nice Cyberpunk cityscape, but you need the perfect brush to add that myst/smoke layer on top? Trying to create smokestacks, clouds, gun smoke, and more? This brush was made specially for all these situations, just make sure to paint the smoke on a new layer and control the opacity and blending mode for best results.

7. Little Stars 1px - This bonus brush will help you at that nice touch to the night sky of your illustrations, or even as a special glint highlight in the eyes of your character.


- 1x .brushet file with 12 custom Pixel Art brushes

- 2x PDF files - one Manual of Installation step-by-step guide, and one Preview Library guide of all the brushes

- 1x TXT Document with the proper License of Use


Make sure to refer to the PDF document 'GP Pixel Art Brushes - Installation Instructions.PDF' for a step-by-step guide on how to install the contents into the latest Procreate copy on your iPad. Before you do anything, make sure your Procreate app is up-to-date, by checking the application status on the App Store of your iPad as well.


Make sure to tag your creations on Instagram with @theghostpaper on your descriptions for a chance to be featured on my page!


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theghostpaper/

Youtube: http://bit.ly/ghostpaper

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You'll get 12 custom brushes + a quick reference guide PDF of all the brushes!

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Pixel Art Brush Pack for Procreate

40 ratings
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