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Marker Brush Pack for Procreate

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Expand your Procreate Brush library with these realistic, high-quality marker brushes made especially for Procreate! With 3 different brush tip sizes, 4 variations on each brush, you're going to be set for your next best marker illustration. Top it all off with a bonus fine ink pen and 5 paper textures in full 5k glory for that added-on realism - and oh, did I forget to mention colors? There are also 6 exclusive color palettes, ranging from colourful hues to a selection of warm and cool grey tones. This brush pack and assets will for sure add much life and personality to your illustrations!

Within each brush shape, you will find finer and rougher versions (depending on how much texture you would like to show), as well as how muck ink you can get (a brand new marker versus one that you find at the bottom of your drawer) from each brush stroke. This means these brushes will give you a perfect range of quality and complexity when it comes to depicting how real alcohol markers behave when drawing on a piece of paper.

Important: these brushes were designed and created in Procreate 5. They haven't been tested in older versions of Procreate, so keep that in mind when purchasing to an older Procreate version.


A. Base Brushes

1. Round Marker - This brush tries to mimic the look and feel of the monoline felt tip pen alcohol marker. This is a great brush for both smaller sizes (making sure to fill-in those nice corners and details), as well as a broader size for covering larger areas with a nice texture fill.

2. Thin Marker - This brush is inspired by the pointy, fine liner marker pens that offer a bit more precision and colour quality. These are great tools for creating outlines, filling up character's eyes and other very small sections. You can also use it to sign your work! :)

3. Flat Marker - The most famous marker tip shape - great for caligraphy & filling up larger areas with that great recognizable texture detail that only the flat markers can leave on paper.

B. Texturing Variations

1. Light - In this variation, all brushes act as if you were able to draw on paper with a very gentle touch, which makes them great for adding more shading to a current fill area in small increments.

2. Heavy - The brushes shed as much ink as they can, ideal for deeper, saturated color fills.

3. Dry - A similar effect to that marker pen that you find at the bottom of your drawer, 5 years later.

4. Damaged - Imagine if your 2-year old nephew got a hold of your marker pens? That's exactly what you get in this variation. Because of the gritty nature of this option, you can get some really nice texturing details to add to your elements.

C. Bonus Material

1. Fine Ink Pen - a Brush that mimics a fine liner ink pen, great for making marker illustrations that have ink outlines.

2. 6 Custom Color Palettes - Inspired by real color marker palettes, these have been crafted by hue, so you can decide to load them separately (depending on the colors you use on your project), or load them all and be ready for any color combination!

3. 5 High-quality paper textures - Start your canvas with some nice quality paper texture, or apply them on top of all the layers with the proper opacity and blending mode in order to give a more tactile feel to your brushes.


- 1x .brushet file with 12 custom Alcohol Marker-inspired brushes

- 6x .swatches file with 180 colors in total for you to reference from

- 5x High quality image files of different paper textures for your to use on your illustrations

- 2x PDF files - one Manual of Installation with a step-by-step guide on how to bring the files into your copy of Procreate, and one PDF guide as a brush library reference.

- 1x TXT Document with the proper License of Use


Make sure to refer to the PDF document 'GP Pixel Art Brushes - Installation Instructions.PDF' for a step-by-step guide on how to install the contents into the latest Procreate copy on your iPad. Before you do anything, make sure your Procreate app is up-to-date, by checking the application status on the App Store of your iPad as well.


Make sure to tag your creations on Instagram with @theghostpaper on your descriptions for a chance to be featured on my page!




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12 Custom Marker Brushes + 1 Fine Ink Pen + 6 Exclusive Color Palettes + 5 High Quality Paper Textures!

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Marker Brush Pack for Procreate

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